My favorite part of this message is the allusion to Jesus' sacrifice as "coming in stages." I have always wondered if people don't focus far too much on the actual Crucifixion itself as his big sacrifice, because we're all suckers for hardcore drama and living vicariously through some good old-fashioned snuff symbolism? I have actually thought of Jesus' temptation in the desert (among other things) as part of his "sacrifice."

Actually, something else you said in there, about how the fact that Jesus was incarnated as a human at the time and the way that could be argued to have sort of "modulated his divinity," or "modified the phase variance" on that ish, seems applicable here, as well.

You gotta wonder sometimes if just continuing to live from day to day with the kinds of understandings and perceptions Jesus might have had about a very ugly world, and doing it with grace, still caring about people and bringing the love game with him?

That's plenty of sacrifice.

After that, getting nailed to a cross might be like itchy wrists or something.

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Thank you.

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